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Heidenhain manufacture best high performance precise positioning tools like encoders, linear scales. That provide optimum results in low cost. We Provides all kinds of Heidenhain rotary encoders, shaft encoder, linear scale and more.


Our Reputed Clients : Escorts, Bhushan Steel, Harig Crank Shaft and more : Our client list is full of well known and reputed companies, we intend to deliver the material in committed time period via fastest available means, we are holding massive stock onboard for commonly used rotary encoders and linear scales but in case of unavailability of item in our stock, we will arrange the item in specific time. we provide rotary encoders with  2 meter cable and plus coupling.


heidenhain incremental encoder heidenhain rotary encoder heidenhain linear encoder

Types of Heidenhain Encoders

Types of Heidenhain Linear Scales

  • Encoders for Servo Drives
  • Rotary Encoder for the Elevator Industry
  • Rotary Encoders for Drive Control in Elevators
  • ECI 119 Absolute Rotary Encoder
  • EBI 1135 Absolute Rotary Encoder with Battery-Buffered Multiturn Feature
  • Rotary Encoders for Highly Dynamic Servo Drives
  • Optimized Scanning in Absolute Rotary Encoders
  • ROC 415 / 417 Absolute Singleturn Rotary Encoders
  • Rotary Encoders for Potentially Explosive Atmospheres (ATEX)
  • ROC 413, ROQ 425 Absolute Rotary Encoders with PROFINET Interface
  • ERN 1085 Incremental Rotary Encoder with Z1 track
  • ECN 125 Absolute Modular Rotary Encoder with Right-Angle Flange Socket
  • Modular Magnetic Encoders
  • Absolute Angle Encoders with Optimized Scanning
  • Angle Encoders with Integral Bearing
  • ECN 200 Absolute Angle Encoders
  • Angle Encoders without Intergral Bearing
  • ERO 785 Incremental Angle Encoder without Integral Bearing
  • Linear Encoder for Vacuum Technology
  • Encoders for Linear Motors in the Electronics Industry
  • Linear Error Compensation with the LIDA 400
  • LIF 481 V Exposed Linear Encoder for High-Vacuum Technology
  • LIDA 200 Series - Exposed Linear Encoders with Integrated Status Display
  • LS 1679 - Incremental Linear Encoder with Integrated Roller Guide
  • Digital Readouts / Linear Encoders for Manually Operated Machine Tools
  • Linear Encoders with Single-Field Scanning
  • Linear Encoders for Numerically Controlled Machine Tools
  • LC 115, LC 415 - Absolute Linear Encoder for Safety-Related Applications
  • DA 400 Compressed-Air Filter System
  • LC 1x3 / LC 4x3 Absolute Linear Encoders


What Is Rotary Encoder ?

Rotary Encoder electro-mechanical device used to convert the angular position of a shaft or axle to an analog or digital code and Encoder Coupling is used to connect two shafts together at their ends for the purpose of transmitting power.


Problem Finding obsolete encoder? Donít know any alternative?

It does not matter if your encoder no longer getting manufactured or you got some else company encoder installed, we will provide you that obsolete encoder else we will provide you the best alternative for that encoder with 100% working surety and guarantee. ex stock ready rotary encoders and linear scales


About Us

A innovative entrepreneur founded this company in early 1990. We offer precision machinery tools such as rotary encoder , linear scale, absolute encoder, optical encoder, quadrature encoder, shaft encoder and with vast technical knowledge of different type encoders we can suggest you the best alternative for your obsolete encoders or for the encoders that are no more getting manufactured. We are leading distributor of encoder in India and we are located in New Delhi & Chennai. With a well-built base of over the different cities in India non-stop pursuit of excellence in quality has made this company what it is today, one of India's most sought after distributors of Rotary Encoders and allied products.

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